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Your jewelry needs can be met on the spot when you come to Su Casa. Our custom jeweler has been designing beautiful one-of-a-kind jewelry for over 30 years.

We pride ourselves on having a fast turnaround on all jewelry repairs, and many jewelry repairs can be done while you wait.

If you have a lot of old jewelry and coins in your house, you might be sitting on a treasure trove and not even know it! Maybe you have old engagement rings, earrings or chains laying around. It’s now easier than ever to sell gold and get a decent amount of money in doing so. Many people are exchanging cash for gold to get an extra financial boost in this tough economy.

Gold has inherent value, and was once the basis for the dollar. This is no longer the case, but gold is still worth money. Exactly how much depends on the purity and quality of the gold in question. Gold buyers will need to make some appraisals to determine the worth.

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